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Deb Geis 
NMI President


NMI Council


Deb Vining
Sue Shreves 
Sharon Day

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Nazarene Missions International


Operation Crisis Care Kits - Going on NOW!

June 4- July 2, 2023


  1. Get a 2 gallon plastic bag at the Welcome Center .(List included in each bag)
  2. Bring the filled bag back to church and leave at the Welcome Center
  3. ***Please put $3 in each bag to cover the cost of shipping and toothpaste
  4. (Note: Toothpaste will be added by the NMI Council to ensure expiration date is appropriate)

• 1 medium-size bottle of shampoo (12-18 oz.), please tape flip-tops closed
• 2 bars of soap (bath-size or larger)
• ***1 medium toothpaste (4.0-6.4 oz.)  DO NOT BUY TOOTHPASTE!
• 3 toothbrushes (in original packaging)
• 1 box of Band-Aids (30 or more)
• 1 fingernail clipper
• 1 sturdy hair comb
• 2 hand towels
• 4 pocket-size packages of facial tissue
• 1 Beanie Baby-size stuffed toy


Monthly Mission Emphasis

August - World Mission Broadcast

September - Alabaster and Crisis Care Kits

October-  Mission Priority One

November- Thanksgiving Offering World Evangelism Fund

December -Nazarene Compassionate Ministries

 January - Volunteer Ministries

 February -Alabaster

 March- Faith Promise

April- World Evangelism Fund

 May - Missionary Care